• Purpose: Guide those we serve to financial independence as defined by them.

  • Vision: Provide a world class experience to the families and organizations that we serve where achievement of client goals and their best interests come before all else. We will do this by sticking to our principles and continually working to improve our planning process and business.

  • Principles: To serve in a way that is meaningful, honourable and enhances the lives of others.

We Believe In...

  • The Value of a Plan: To be more specific, a written plan which is updated regularly. The plan we create for our clients drives everything we do and any recommendations are driven by the plan.
  • Independence: We partner with a select number of organizations and partners who can provide solutions which give our clients the best opportunity to meet their objectives.
  • Interdependence: We work as a team and our team members have expertise in different areas. We depend on each other to be able to deliver on the promises we make to our clients.
  • Capacity: We believe that we can fulfill our vision only by serving a select number of families and organizations. Because of this we will only engage clients where we feel we can make a meaningful difference.
  • Continuous Improvement: We can only succeed if we are continually improving our process. We spend as much time working on our business as we do working in our business.

The Promises We Make...

  • Each client we engage will have a written plan and it will be updated regularly
  • Our clients will understand what they own and why they own it
  • We are invested alongside our clients
  • We will treat our clients respectfully and communicate with them often and in plain language
  • Investment fees will be transparent and disclosed in full

A Different Experience

Over our 40 years in business we have created an experience for clients which is very different and tremendously valuable. In 2011, we purchased our home at 37 Edmonton St. to refine our client experience and ensure that our work was carried out in an elegant yet comfortable setting. 

The process we employ is unique and results from over 40 years of serving families and organizations. We have guided hundreds of families to financial independence and this experience is what has resulted in the plan we deliver today.

We work as a team and all team members are involved in the delivery of our planning process to clients. Because of this and to ensure that an alignment of interetsts between Rob-Lyn and the client comes before all else, our team including all advisors are paid by salary as opposed to commission.

Our Home

A different experience requires a different feel. Our clients are like family and we want them to feel at home when they come to visit.

Our home at 37 Edmonton embodies the atmosphere we want to create for our clients which is a gentle balance of comfort and sophistication.

Designed by architect George Browne, the home at 37 Edmonton Street was built for the Belcher family, who lived there until 1922. 

We are committed to following a process which is tested, straightforward and delivers results.


Home at 37 Edmonton Street was built


Rob-Lyn Financial is incorporated with Barry Adams as founder and one employee, Joanne Sands


Joyce Kerslake joins Rob-Lyn


Greg Schmidt joins Rob-Lyn


Pam McWilliams joins Rob-Lyn


Jamie Laker joins Rob-Lyn


Rob-Lyn Financial moves into their new home at 37 Edmonton


Jamie Campbell joins Rob-Lyn


Erin Nobess joins Rob-Lyn


Ian Carpick joins Rob-Lyn


Rob-Lyn Financial celebrates 40 years of serving clients