We create a written financial plan for each family who engages us. The conversations we have with our clients are what brings clarity to their values, vision and life goals and the plan is what translates these conversations into action.

Planning Process: Click to explore the unique steps

  • Stage 1: Mutual Fit Meeting

    This meeting provides an opportunity for a potential client to hear our story and determine if what we believe in and the process we follow makes sense for them. It is also an opportunity for us to determine if a potential client is a good mutual fit for the work we do. There are no decisions expected at this meeting and we ask that potential clients do not bring any paperwork or statements.

  • Stage 2: Financial Profile Meeting

    This is a financial discovery meeting where we gather all details which are critical to your plan. We also complete the personal discovery process which was started in the mutual fit meeting.

  • Stage 3: Draft Plan Review

    We will meet to ensure the accuracy and direction of the plan make sense to you.

  • Stage 4: Plan Implementation

    Once the plan has been fine tuned we will provide you with the tools necessary to implement your plan and turn it into action.

  • Stage 5: Annual or Semi-annual Review

    Depending on the complexity of your situation a formal review meeting will take place once or twice per year with regular touchpoints in between.

Over 40 years, we have guided hundreds of families to financial independence and this experience is what has resulted in the plan we deliver today.

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  • Financial Projection

    Am I on track? We know that no two families are the same so no two plans are identical. We’ll help customize a plan based on achieving your long-term goals and objectives. The outcome is a comprehensive plan that takes all of your life goals into consideration and turns them into an action plan for financial independence.

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  • Estate & Legacy

    Planning for the distribution of family assets upon passing is a critical part of any solid plan. Many who have achieved financial independence and attained their life goals have a desire to plan for the next generation or make a social impact.

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  • Income & Tax Strategy

    The biggest expense for any family or business is tax, so it’s important to plan for it. Your customized plan will ensure that during the accumulation years, your affairs are structured in a tax efficient way, allowing you to keep more of what you make, defer tax and grow your wealth/assets most efficiently. When it comes time to retire, we’ll help you to draw income from accumulated assets in the most tax-efficient way.

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  • Investment Strategy

    Much like a home built on solid footing, the foundation of any plan builds on a solid investment strategy. The construction of your investment strategy begins by defining the purpose of your strategy along with assessing your financial and emotional capacity for investment volatility. The result of this is the selection of a custodian and portfolio managers best suited to help you achieve your goals as defined by your investment strategy.

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  • Family Security

    Whether it’s a financial plan, business plan or life plans, no plan is complete without measuring the risks and taking steps to mitigate them. As part of your plan, we will identify any risks that may impede your ability to reach long-term financial independence, and show you how to close the gaps.

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