Jamie Laker, CFP®, CLU, RHU

Certified Financial Planner & Strategy Specialist

Jamie Laker

Jamie Laker serves as our resident mad-scientist. Jamie’s first job, as he sees it, is to help people clearly define where they want to go, and how to have some fun on the way. He is one part ‘classic analytic’, focused on best possible scenario for each goal, and one part ‘great guy’. This is a recipe for our clients’ success. All of us are grateful for Jamie and his unparalleled attention to detail.

Jamie loves spending time with his wife, Lisa, and together they have a growing family with daughter Kyna and young son Kieran. If you want to reach Jamie on a Thursday afternoon in the summer, we suggest you head to Elmhurst Country Club, where you’ll find him exploring another passion.

Contact: jamie@roblynfinancial.com