Fred Reichardt, CFP®, BRS

Certified Financial Planner

Fred Reichardt

Our team is overjoyed at Fred joining the firm in 2018. A seasoned Financial Advisor with years of success stories, Fred is focused on devoting his considerable talent and energy in assisting our clients reach their goals. His empathetic and collaborative approach has gained Fred a trusted relationship with our clients, and his attention to detail and subtle sense of urgency drives him to the right solutions that create positive results. Fred is also very excited to be a part of our team at Rob-Lyn Financial where he can consistently adhere to his core values of hard work, discipline, and genuinely enjoy helping people achieve success.

Fred loves spending time with his partner Wendy and his three children Bradley, Atlin and Amber - sharing a meal, watching their sporting events or enjoying recreational activities. A consummate sports leader, Fred coached countless teams at his local community centre and is energized by sharing his knowledge on the rink or the nearest soccer field.